Strategic Perspectives from Bill Raduchel

DMGT Technology Summer School

I had the pleasure of spending some time at the DMGT Technology Summer School with Bill Raduchel. He had a long and interesting career before joining DMGT as a technology advisor to the board. I managed to capture some of his advice below and a couple of quotes which resonated well with me.

“Heroism is an act of stupidity that you happen to survive.” Bill Raduchel

  • Open source is the only way to get the best developers as they can learn portable skills
  • Proprietary systems are struggling
  • John Chambers CEO Cisco: We compete against market transitions not companies
  • You must get people loosely coupled but tightly aligned
  • You must have a vision and be able to sell it, you must communicate it in a way that all your employees can understand
  • Asking the right questions is never interference
  • You must set the boundaries and then get out of the way
  • Architecture is to empower your team, not constrain it
  • Commitment before success is the mentality that separates people in a startup from people in a corporation

“Mindset is a value that has become a habit.” – Bill Raduchel

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