sFTP using FileZilla into an Amazon EC2 instance

Here is how to SFTP into your AWS EC2 instance using FileZilla (this was done on a Mac). Open Site Manager

  • Add site
  • Host: Ec2 elastic IP
  • Port: 22 (will sort by default when you select next option)
  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • User: ec2-user

Open Preferences

  • SFTP
  • Add Key File select your secure key [.pem] from where you saved it

You will need to make sure that the ec2-user has the correct permissions to do the actions you require, here are my thoughts on the best way to approach this.

Music to Write this Code to

Julio Bashmore – Battle for Middle You: This was a massive tune in 2011, I first heard it on the Ramadanman FabricLive mix and it has been popping everywhere since. Nothing too hectic here for your first SFTP session with FileZilla.

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7 comments on “sFTP using FileZilla into an Amazon EC2 instance

  1. I’m on step 5 and I downloaded wordpress and put it in vol/html and everything. I connected with filezilla and it says the folder html doesn’t exist and vol is empty. I am not having good luck. Somebody pray for me.

  2. I’m taking over a site that’s on AWS EC2. I’m not familiar with this stuff at all. When I asked where the cPanel was, the previous developers laughed. Basically, I’m looking for the Ec2 elastic IP…

    Where can I find that?

    • Just sign into the AWS Management Console, click on EC2 then make sure that you have the right region selected and you should see Elastic IP’s on the menu. cPanel is a software based front end for managing servers, unfortunately AWS just provides the servers and then you need to SSH into them to make any changes.

  3. Hi Thanks for info .This is working straight way . But it is not working when I am changing the docroot for ftp user as S3. I have configured s3fs to mount s3 bucket . Any help is highly appreciable .