Metro Responsive Website Launch now with added Swipe

Over the past 12 months I have been working with an amazing team of people at Metro the largest free daily newspaper in the world to migrate their existing bespoke CMS and move them to WordPress with hosting provided by WordPress VIP. The press were invited in this week and the management team started to give them a flavour of what is to come in early December. I thought it would be nice to get some quotes out of these articles and put them here so I can remember the calm before the Metro responsive storm.

UPDATE: Swipe was removed from in October 2013 due to these reasons.

The site will become the first UK newspaper destination to allow mobile and tablet users to swipe between articles when it launches

Metro Ramps up Mobile Drive, Marketing Week

Linda Grant, the managing director at Metro, said the newspaper was the “original mobile product” when it launched targeting London Underground commuters in 1999.

Metro to launch new website, Android app and Kindle Fire edition, The Guardian

“We’ve taken app functionality and applied to browser product,” – Jamie Walters, Product Development Director, Metro

Metro Announces Mobile First Strategy and Responsive Site,

“We looked at Drupal and other platforms, but WordPress met our needs,” said Walters. “We no longer have to maintain back end systems.”

Metro Newspapers To Address “Smart Boredom” With Swiping, Techweek Europe

Free urban newspaper brand Metro revealed this week it is experimenting with new ad formats such as mobile payments and full-page interstitials between swipes on its new website as it looks to boost the utility of the ads it presents its readers.

Newspapers finally living up to digital first aspirations, Marketing Week

UPDATE 24.02.2013: The Metro responsive WordPress project was launched on time and under budget and here are more details about how we approached this from a project management point of view. This was also be the first national UK Newspaper with a responsive site and the first for the swipe interaction across all devices that support it.

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