Planning for success when agile and traditional methodologies collide

As I previously wrote Metro decided to use the WordPress VIP platform for their CMS and front end, this post will detail how we set about the initial part of the project to give it the best chance of success. Initially it was pretty daunting looking forwards 12 months with the sheer scale of the […]

WordPress Multisite Change Domain Name of Subsite using SQL

I have been working on migrating a website I did for a friend a while ago from an old ASP.NET application I built to my WordPress Amazon EC2 Instance over the last few weekends as the old server we were using for hosting is being retired. I have been working on a temporary domain whilst […]

Backup WordPress to Dropbox on Amazon EC2 Centos Instance

I have been running multisite WordPress on my Amazon EC2 instance for almost a year and now that I have four sites running concurrently it is time to sort out a proper backup routine. Having had a look at all of the options and plugins it seemed like a good idea to backup WordPress to […]

WordPress Apache Permissions For Easy Update

I need to update my WordPress Apache permissions and I have them set so WordPress doesn’t have write access to the main HTML folder. I always have to Google to remember what I need to set so figured I would write it here so I wouldn’t forget. sudo find /vol/html/ -type d -exec chmod 777 […]

WordPress Categories vs Tags

Categories vs¬†Tags is one of the biggest decisions around how you setup a good taxonomy using¬†WordPress. Utilising both categories and tags can make your site easier to navigate which will help both people and search engines. It has taken me a while to get my head around this so thought I would run through my […]

WordPress Edit Image Not Working on Amazon EC2

I had an issue with my WordPress edit image not working when I installed it myself on Centos. If you would like the ability to do advanced image editing in WordPress when running on Amazon EC2 Linux you will need to make sure that you have installed the PHP GD libraries or none of the […]