21 product development tips from the trenches

Over the past four years at Metro we have delivered one replatform, four redesigns, multiple native apps and built and sold an online casino. From these experiences we have iteratively built a process and environment that aids product development. An Agile mindset has helped the development team achieve a consistent output. This coupled with Lean […]

How Metro built a metrics driven product development process

I have spent the last three years at Metro constantly tweaking our development process to fit our environment and teams maturity. At the same time the product development process had remained reasonably unchanged. Someone comes up with an idea we all have a debate about how good/bad we think it will be and someones opinion […]

LeWeb London 2012 – Lessons and Learnings

I was very fortunate to spend two days at LeWeb London 2012 on the 19th & 20th June this year. Methodist Central Hall in Westminster was a fitting venue for what turned out to be an informative debate on the state of the European start up scene. It provided me with some really good insight into what […]

Build, measure, learn, iterate my vision for an agile future.

Recently I have been going through a process of looking 18 months into the future and as part of that have written a story of to illustrate where we are going and how I am going to help them get there. I thought it would make sense to publish this almost as a time capsule […]

In Development the most obvious choice is quite often the best one

It started with a conversation regarding Node.js as one of my developers has been using it to write a RESTful API. We had spun up an Amazon EC2 server and RDS backend for the service, which is the beginnings of a content shaping algorithm. This rapid prototype has shown real promise and now we are looking […]

Thinking Lean to Combat Change

I have been working in software development for ten years and the one constant throughout my whole career is change. Change in technology, change in working practices and changing business requirements. During this period I have constantly battled against the best way to deal with change so it has the least impact on the day […]