How to speed up WordPress Apache

I spent this morning running the PageSpeed Insights tool in Google Chrome over this website and it came back with some good tips on how to speed up WordPress Apache to make this site run faster. I thought I would share how I approached making the recommended changes below. The first critical issue that it threw up […]

WordPress Apache Permissions For Easy Update

I need to update my WordPress Apache permissions and I have them set so WordPress doesn’t have write access to the main HTML folder. I always have to Google to remember what I need to set so figured I would write it here so I wouldn’t forget. sudo find /vol/html/ -type d -exec chmod 777 […]

Amazon EC2 Apache Setup Permissions for WordPress

I have been doing my best to figure out the Amazon EC2 Apache setup of permissions to enable WordPress to be able to manage all of the files on my Amazon EC2 instance without WordPress asking for FTP permissions when I try to upload a plugin or theme via the Admin site. I ended up having […]