Planning for success when agile and traditional methodologies collide

As I previously wrote Metro decided to use the WordPress VIP platform for their CMS and front end, this post will detail how we set about the initial part of the project to give it the best chance of success. Initially it was pretty daunting looking forwards 12 months with the sheer scale of the […]

Build, measure, learn, iterate my vision for an agile future.

Recently I have been going through a process of looking 18 months into the future and as part of that have written a story of to illustrate where we are going and how I am going to help them get there. I thought it would make sense to publish this almost as a time capsule […]

An Agile Process Should Be Shaped To Fit Your Environment

We have been recruiting a Business Analyst for a big project that we have coming up at work. They have all been interested in how our current process works. It has got me thinking why our process is the way that it is and my conclusion is the main reason is that it has been […]

In Development the most obvious choice is quite often the best one

It started with a conversation regarding Node.js as one of my developers has been using it to write a RESTful API. We had spun up an Amazon EC2 server and RDS backend for the service, which is the beginnings of a content shaping¬†algorithm. This rapid prototype has shown real promise and now we are looking […]

Thinking Lean to Combat Change

I have been working in software development for ten years and the one constant throughout my whole career is change. Change in technology, change in working practices and changing business requirements. During this period I have constantly battled against the best way to deal with change so it has the least impact on the day […]